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Frequently asked questions regarding rental


Visit How Does It Work on our website where we will take you step by step through very simple and speedy process.

Simply go to our page Why Rent where we have highlighted all of the benefits of renting a TV not just the financial ones. 

No, we only do rentals however, we do offer various options to either upgrade, extend or renew. Just keep an eye on our website to see the latest smart product range available.

We will be informing you within 24 hours of your request. In most cases we will inform you within a few hours.

You can choose your own preferable hire period starting from 3 to 36 months. Once chosen, you can request to extend the hire period and start enjoying lower hire charges. During the hire period, you will have access to all our benefits like free delivery; free technical support and repairs; the opportunity to upgrade your product at the end of your rental period (terms apply).

Absolutely yes, our minimum hire periods start from as little as 3 months up to 36 months. We pride ourselves on flexible renting, so the choice really is yours.

Typically, you can request an upgrade at the end of your rental term. Simply contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 772 7204 or email

Yes, you most certainly can. Just make an additional application for your chosen product on our website or by contacting our friendly customer service team here.

Once your product is ready for delivery, you will need to make your first rental payment, once in receipt of this delivery will  usually be within 7 days, but not longer than 14 days from the date of order.

Delivery on all our goods is free, no matter what length of time you have chosen to rent the goods for.

We deliver Monday to Saturday, delivery company will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery day.

You will need to be home and you will need to provide your ID to the delivery driver. We accept driving licence, passport or utility bills.

Contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 772 7204 and they will talk you through the returns process.

If you have a complaint, please contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 772 7204  who will either resolve your issue or escalate the issue that you have raised. Alternatively, you can put your complaint in writing either via email or post. Further details can be found here on our complaints page. 

If the goods have been damaged due to fire or flood, we may decide to replace the goods for an administration fee  of £50 (plus VAT, if applicable).

Damage caused accidentally,  deliberately or by misuse or neglect will mean you will be liable for any of our losses, including the costs that we may incur carrying out repairs to the item or to replace the item if the damage is too substantial to repair.

Should you find yourself in this position you need to inform us immediately.  If necessary, you may be able to make a claim through your home contents insurance.


The first payment will be processed on the day your goods are delivered and continuing at weekly intervals every week thereafter via debit/credit card.

There are no fees or penalties all we ask is that you stick to your minimum agreement and keep up to date with your payments.

If you are experiencing some financial difficulties, please contact our customer service team on 0333 772 7204 as soon as possible, so that we can discuss how we can best help you. Further information can be found here on our financial difficulties page.

We do soft credit checks.

In most cases we do not require any references for any of our rental agreements. We will let you know if that is a requirement after receiving your application.

Our rental includes free delivery, free technical support for the life of the agreement and free replacement (terms apply).

If you decide you wish to terminate the agreement you need to do that in writing. If you terminate the agreement after the 14 days cooling off period but before the rental period has expired you will need to pay, in addition to any arrears outstanding at the time of termination in full, the remaining rental charges due under the agreement which will be discounted using an annual interest rate of 8%.

Yes, before you move house please contact our friendly customer service team here.


The screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner. UK screen sizes tend to be in inches whereas Europe measure in centimetres.

Yes, all our TVs come with detachable stands giving you the option to mount them on your wall if desired.

Please note we do not provide wall installation or any installation materials, though all TVs can be wall mounted using a standard bracket.

A 4K display is one with at least 8 million active pixels. For televisions, that resolution has standardised to 3,840 by 2,160. It is four times the number of pixels on a 1080p display, and over 23 times the resolution of a standard definition television. In short 4K TVs have far greater clarity and are much sharper than standard definition models.

These are two different technologies that are used to create the perfect picture. Both TVs will give you the ultimate viewing experiences it is just down to personal preference.

QLED TV technology was designed to be used in all different light conditions and therefore will reduce reflections. OLED TV screens have no backlight therefore enabling them to be the thinnest on the market.

Dolby vision enhances your viewing experience bringing your entertainment to life whereas Dolby Atmos enhances your listening experience giving you that all-encompassing sound that will fill the room perfect for your family film nights.

Typically, the picture quality of the OLED TV is judged to be better and more superior, although the best 4k UHD could deem to be a close match.

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