How Does Rental Work?

Our rental process explained in 5 easy steps

1. Easy application

How Does TV Rental Work?

How does Rental Work? Renting has never been easier with Moonstone’s simple application process with low weekly payments, no up-front fees, flexible duration times and free delivery. Choose your desired product for hire from our extensive range of sensational smart devices. They present the latest technology such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa 5G. Moonstone Rentals will keep your family immensely entertained because our products feature up to date technology that hosts the most popular apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. So, whether you are after an enticingly vibrant and sleek TV, Smartphone or tablet we have some of the best brands, LG, Samsung, Hisense, Nokia, Motorola to mention a few. So, don’t wait? Complete our simple application form today and join Moonstone Rentals.

2. Quick decisions

No Up Front Fee

Next, Moonstone Rentals will make a lightning-quick decision on whether to approve your rental application. This is because we want to ensure that you and your family can gain all he benefits and enjoy the most up to date technology, without any looming money stresses offering prices to suit everyone’s budget.

3. Flexible rental periods

No Up Front Fee & Free TV Delivery

We offer the flexibility to increase your rental period which reduces your weekly payments. We want to ensure that you have the perfect gadget for as long as you need it offering periods from as little as 3 months right up to 36 months. As an example, if you choose to rent one of our TVs for 12 months, you can easily change your mind to extend to a longer rent period at any time. If you are happy with your rental choice you can choose to continue renting the product after the rental term has expired, it is all up to you!

4. Free delivery on all products

Free TV Delivery

Your marvellous Moonstone rental choice will arrive at your door promptly with our fantastic free delivery service. Now, unwind and relax, and get ready to learn about all the special features your new device has to offer. Once you have completed your minimum term you may choose to continue renting the same product or you can choose a different one to rent, maybe a newer model or different size. All this without having to worry about those large out lays of cash or disposing of the old electrical model, we are there to help.

5. First payment due prior to delivery

Low Weekly Payment

The first rental payment is due prior to delivery of your rental choice, there are no up-front fees from ordering online just ongoing low weekly payments. Now you are ready to indulge in your  new gadget whether that be treating yourself to a cosy night in watching your favourite TV shows or getting the kids to show you all the great technology your new tablet or phone has to offer.

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