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Rent LG TVs and discover technologies such as: NanoCell, OLED 4K, UHD 4K, Full HD HDR. Explore our huge range of LG Smart TVs and stream a world of entertainment into your home. LG are the second largest TV manufacturer and display some of the most innovative features around.

Bring the full cinema experience into the comfort of your own home as LG’s latest technology in sound and display delivers a completely immersive and realistic experience. No paying out for the best seat in the house as any seat in your house will be the best, just sit back put your feet up and let the popcorn flow.

A family of sports fanatics? Then unlock the best in live sport with LG advanced technology and bring to life any stadium, race track, boxing ring, absolutely any sporting venue of your choice, every game will be more lifelike than ever.

Want fast paced next generation games? Well, LG TVs are big on gaming like no other. They work with some of the biggest developers and companies to ensure you get an epic gaming experience like no other. They certainly are TVs that are big on gaming.

Do not forget LG also offers all your usual Smart TV benefits; catch-up TV, all your much-loved apps Netflix, Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.

Browse and click on Moonstone’s LG TVs to learn more about their special features; Rent LG NanoCell, Rent LG OLED 4K, Rent LG UHD 4k, Rent LG Full HD HDR LED. Every home deserves an LG TV so simply click on the TV of your choice and complete our very simple application.

We will be here waiting to get you started and to welcome you to the world of rental.

Moonstone Rentals Offers:

a. Rent LG NanoCell TVs
b. Rent LG OLED 4k TVs
c. Rent LG UHD 4k TVs
d. Rent LG Full HD HDR LED TVs

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