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Moonstone rentals offers small size TVs to rent, these TVs maybe small in size, but they are certainly big in functionality. Rent a 32 inch TV, rent a 40 inch TV, rent a 43 inch TV or rent 48 inch TV.

These TVs will still give you that sharp picture and crisp sound that we have all come to expect from our TV, they also give you access to all your usual TV apps FreeView play, Netflix, YouTube and more.

Hire a small size TV and these will go great in your children’s room or the kitchen where they will keep both the children or the cook entertained. 

Rent a small size TV and you will find it is not only smart in performance but it looks good in any room, the three S’s Sleek, Smart and Stylish. 

Moonstone Rentals allows its customers to rent multiple TVs at affordable rates, therefore giving its customer the opportunity to expand its family viewing.

Hire a small size TV:

a. Rent a 32 Inch TV
b. Rent a 40 Inch TV
c. Rent a 43 Inch TV
d. Rent a 48 Inch TV
Don’t worry about the inches! Rest assured Moonstone has the right size for you, so don’t delay and rent a small size TV today!

How far should we sit from the TV? 

THX guidelines is that you divide the diagonal size of your screen by 0.84  to find how far away you should be sitting from your TV in inches.

See below some examples:
32 inch = 38.09 inches or 3.2ft
40 inch = 47.61 inches or 4ft
43 inch = 51.19 inches or 4.2ft
48 inch = 57.14 inches or 4.8ft

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