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Looking where to rent a TV? Rent a large size TV from Moonstone Rentals we have some great rental offers in this TV section. Our price stays small even when the screen goes big. Rent a 75 inch TV, a 85 inch TV or simply a huge TV.

For all you people with premium taste try out and hire a large TV, we have a wide range of slim design models that will make a real centrepiece in any home.

TVs this huge can really get the most out of all the incredible technology that is around,  your room will be filled with rich vibrant colours and lifelike detail. Who needs to go to the cinema when you can hire a large TV and have it right here in your own home?

Hire a large TV and create an absorbing atmosphere for you and your family, whether you are watching one of the many Hollywood block buster movies or playing one of the best action adventure games you most certainly will live the moment. 

TV rental gives you the opportunity to try out these bigger models and when you hire a large TV with Moonstone rentals you get affordability and flexibility with our rental plans.

Hire a large size TV:

a. Rent a 75 Inch TV
b. Rent a 85 Inch TV
c. Rent a Huge TV

Moonstone Rentals takes care of the pounds and inches, so our customers just have to choose their TVs. Don’t delay, go find and rent a large size TV now! 

How far should we sit from the TV?

THX guidelines is that you divide the diagonal size of your screen by 0.84  to find how far away you should be sitting from your TV in inches.

See below some examples:
75inch = 89.28 inches or 7.4ft
85inch = 101.19 inches or 8.4ft

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