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Rent a medium size TV from Moonstone Rentals and you will not be disappointed. The ethos here at Moonstone is that we want to provide our customers with the very best in their TV choice at affordable prices, therefore our mid-size TV rental range could be the one for you. Rent a 50 inch TV, rent a 55 inch TV, rent a 60 inch TV, rent a 65 inch TV. 

Being mid-size makes these TVs very versatile and they look just perfect in any room of your choice both on stand or set on the wall.

Having a more manageable screen size will not impact on these TVs superb picture quality or fantastic sound, they will display all your favourite TV shows and films in glorious detail and for all you sports fanatics the sound will fill your room with life like quality believing you are in that stadium with the rest of the fans.

Rent a medium size TV from Moonstone Rentals as these smart TVs will bring all the usual apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, FreeView play and many more streaming services to your home.

Take a look at all the various models we have to offer in our mid-size range, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

Hire a medium size TV:

a. Rent a 50 Inch TV
b. Rent a 55 Inch TV
c. Rent a 60 Inch TV
d. Rent a 65 Inch TV

Don’t worry about the pounds, Moonstone offers great value rental, don’t delay and rent a mid size TV today!

How far should we sit from the TV?

THX guidelines is that you divide the diagonal size of your screen by 0.84  to find how far away you should be sitting from your TV in inches.

See below some examples:
50 inch = 59.52 inches or 5ft
55 inch = 65.47 inches or 5.4ft
58 inch = 69.04 inches or 5.6ft
60 inch = 71.42 inches or 6ft
65 inch = 77.38 inches or 6.4ft

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