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Very convenient


I have rented before but the long term rental of 18 months was a bit too long for me. I relocate quite often for work and try to take a little as possible form place to place so the short term rental with this company suited me better. I can rent for short terrm and choose if I want to continue with the rental on a month by month basis when my agreement ends or send it back and chose another tv when I have relocated. The service was brilliant too, I had my tv within 5 days of competing my application form.

Marcus Braithewaite

Tech support brilliant


My TV broke and I cant afford a new one right now. I wasn’t sure on renting but as I was able to take a short term rent so I gave it a go. Its really good, I was able to rent a better tv than I could buy at the moment for 6 months. Which suited me better. The the support page on the website is really handy you can download the manual for the tv if you are not sure how to use it.

Jeff Stringer

Excellent Customer service


I was a bit dubious about renting but after a chat with the customer services team my mind was put at rest. I have a better TV than I can afford to buy outright now. Very please with the service.

Douglas Hemmingway

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