We offer a truly flexible renting experience with hire periods starting at just 3 months.

Rent TVs, Mobile Phones and Tablets all with low cost rental and flexible rental periods, smart gadget rental could not be easier, so sign up now and start your TV or smartphone rental process today. Low credit score? No problem, we look at the bigger picture! So complete your application today.

Reasons Why you should choose Moonstone Rentals to rent your smart electronic devices


Low Weekly Payments!

With low weekly payments Moonstone makes renting affordable and stress free! All are considered even with a low credit score.


Flexible Hire Period!

Start with as low as a 3 month hire period! This can then be extended at any time for you to enjoy reduced weekly costs!


No Deposit!

Rental with no deposit. First rental payment due prior to delivery.


Free Delivery!

No hidden delivery fees as free delivery is available on all our rentals.


Best Brands!

We are constantly updating our stocks, so that we can ensure you have access to the latest and greatest brands!

How to rent a Phone, TV or Tablet PC?

Choose a product

Choose a rental period

Quick decision

No up-front fees

Free delivery

Receive and Enjoy!

Latest models

Why rent?

Moonstone Rentals is all about low cost rental making the latest and greatest electronic brands available no matter your situation. With costs rising on electronics so rapidly and new models becoming superseded very quickly why worry about buying when you can hire at low rates.

So why go down the hire route? –Renting removes the stress of ownership. Renting electronic goods means that the newest models of top brands become affordable because we offer low cost weekly payments and flexible rental periods. We allow upgrades giving you the latest models and technology advancements.

Short duration times – from just 3 months!

Additionally, Moonstone offers long-term and short-term Best Value  hire. Our low-cost rental allows you to hire a product for a period as short as three months. Thus, meaning you can hire for a flexible duration designed to match your current situation. Three months is an ideal duration because it allows you to trial the newest equipment without the burden of a long term commitment. Our short-term hire period will keep you caught up with the fast-paced world of technology.

We believe everyone should be able to watch a TV or text a friend without any money worries. With this in mind, we are dedicated to offering flexible duration times along with low weekly payments and no up-front fees. We hope that you are incredibly delighted with your chosen item and decide to further extend your hire period.

Best Smart Technology Rentals

Smart technology does not have to be expensive to be great – Moonstone offers best mobile phone & TV  rentals at low prices without compromising the quality! You choose your preferred Smart device that you would like to rent, go through our simple application form, and then receive free delivery and enjoy. It really is as easy as that.

Choose from our top mobile phone or TV rental selection of high-technology devices. With an abundance of spectacular televisions, smartphone & tablets from some of the best  brands, Moonstone will have the perfect set up for you. These extraordinary devices have been carefully selected to ensure that they are packed with the latest apps and trendy features.

To rent a smartphone, TV or tablet computer from Moonstone today, simply choose your preferred model from our best TV, mobile phone & tablet rental brands. You  know whatever you pick from us, you are sure to have some of the best and latest technology at your fingertips.

Once happy with your chosen product, you then need to select your desired TV, Mobile Phone or Tablet hire period. You can rent your top TV, mobile phone or tablet brand for instance, for as little as just three months. Lastly, complete our easy application form. The rest is up to us! Everything rented from Moonstone comes with free delivery.

Rent a Smart Electronic Device with flexible duration times

Research shows us that to find the right device for you, you need flexible duration times. Moonstone provides affordable rental with varying hire periods so that you can try our state-of-the-art TVs, mobile phones, tablet PCs without being tied in long-term. Whether it is screen size, style or unique features that matter to you, Moonstone will provide the right device for a duration that matches your needs.

If you want to experience for instance, the most recent, exciting Samsung product, or simply test a product before buying, Moonstone’s flexible duration times will suit every situation, as we offer various hire periods, from as short as 3 months extending up to 36 months. Therefore, whatever life throws your way, Moonstone will endeavour to ensure stress-free, affordable rental prices.

So, why wait? Sign up for rental today! Rent a smartphone, TV or Tablet PC and explore all that the technology has to offer.

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