Hisense TVs

Land yourself an incredible deal with Moonstone and rent one of our Hisense 4K TVs, generally considered as budget but they actually offer premium TV tech & quality Quantum Dot, 4K ULED, 4K OLED at an attractive price. View our extensive range of Hisense TVs and explore  from the big screen TV experiences to the smaller TV.
The whole family will benefit from all the Hisense TV has to offer, because the only real decision to make is what film you all want to watch or maybe what game you want to play! Hisense TVs pride themselves on giving the ultimate cinematic experience featuring some of the best technologies; to enlighten your viewing HDR10+, Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos. All these will give that all-encompassing sound that will fill your room.
We all want more from our TV these days and the Hisense smart TV will not disappoint because you will have access to all your favourite built-in apps like Freeview play; Netflix; YouTube; all but to mention a few.
Browse and click on Moonstone’s Hisense TVs to learn more about their special features, Rent Hisense 4K Quantum Dot for ultimate cinema experiences, Rent Hisense 4K ULED for fast paced gaming, Rent Hisense 4K OLED for bedroom bingeing. For every home there could be several Hisense TVs so simply click on the TV or TVs of your choice and complete our very simple application.

Moonstone Rentals Offers:
a. Rent Hisense 4K TV
b. Rent Hisense Quantum Dot
c. Rent Hisense 4K ULED
d. Rent Hisense 4K OLED